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BBQ Table Plans

BBQ tables are a must in your back garden, patio or deck and add significantly to your outdoor living and entertainment.

The range of outdoor furniture available to complement your BBQ is wide and varied. You need to decide what the right look for you is, the setting it is in, the amount of entertaining you do and the price you are prepared to pay.

The cheapest and most rewarding way of acquiring a BBQ table is to purchase a BBQ table plan and build it yourself. Building your own has become a lot more popular because of the advent of very cheap woodworking tools.

BBQ table plans come in all sorts and sizes these days. You have to decide whether a simple A Frame is the most suitable or the more complicated to make table and chairs set. 

Alternatively there is a new range of hexagonal and octagonal BBQ tables on the market now. They take their name from their shape. The advantage of these over an A Frame is that they are much more sociable, no one is sitting right beside another person. All the space around the table can be used and you can fit in as many as is comfortable. There are different sizes of table as well.

Check out the plans. Some of them are not designed well and tend to rack and move a lot. Others will have a conglomeration of supporting woodwork underneath which severely restricts leg movement. Check also to see if there is provision for an umbrella hole. On some plans it is impossible to put one in.

Once you have your plan you next need to decide which lumber to construct it in. What is in keeping with the rest of your patio furniture. Treated pine is probably the most common and the least expensive however you may have access to a number of other timbers. Redwood looks great as does cedar or teak. Just check out that the lumber you use will not split warp, rot or crack. Check with your lumber merchant.

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