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Build a Picnic Table

Are you a "DIY"er? 

Do you enjoy the challenge of making things with your own efforts? 

Do you have a basic set of tools?

 Do you have that slice of hidden talent that has been lying dormant for some time? If so, it's time to throw off those shackles and launch into a project that will prove highly satisfying to you and your family, and be a very useful addition to your patio.

To build a picnic table, first of all you require a plan, a bit of enthusiasm and a few practical wood working skills.

The new generation of hexagonal and octagonal picnic tables not only look fantastic but are very practical, seat a large number of people and are also very simple to build.

Check out the plans. Some are far easier to construct than others, some have a lot of unnecessary woodwork underneath and some are a lot more stable than others. Check to see if there is provision for an umbrella hole in the centre.

Every cut on a hexagonal table is 60 degrees and this is therefore the easiest to make. You can do all of the cuts with a compound drop arm  mitre saw or even a mitre box. The other tools required are very basic.

The lumber varies with the plan also. Check to see if the sizes stated are readily available. Common timber species to use for outdoor furniture are pine, douglas fir, redwood or cedar. Check with your lumber merchant to see the availability and prices. Choose only dry lumber to make sure that the finished product doesn't shrink or crack or warp.

The table top looks far better if it is cut in hexagonal sectors. It will take a bit of patience and accuracy to get every thing to fit right but you will be very satisfied with the results.

To build a picnic table would require no longer than one weekend but may take a week or two to get all materials and tools organised.

You will be very proud of the finished product as you test it out for the first time with your family celebrating with a sizzling sausage and a large glass of nose tickling bubbly champagne.

Have a look at our main page for our Picnic Table Plans.

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