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Tools to Build a Picnic Table

"Do it Yourself" is a huge growth industry. This is probably because of the advent of an enormous number of cheap tools coming out of China combined with the desire to produce something "with your own hands." The tools may not stand up to the rigours of a professional but for the home handyman they are supurb.

If you are building one of our plans you will have most of the basic tools already in your garage.

Things like tape measure, nail punch, hand plane, hand saw, adjustable square, hammer, pencil, chisels, straight edge and level along with the safety gear of goggles and ear muffs you will already have.

Droparm Compound Mitre Saw
A really valuable addition to the arsonal that all DIY ers require is a drop arm compound mitre saw. They may not be absolutely accurate but close enough for the home hanyman and really cheap. They certainly speed up the job and are certainly much easier on the body than a hand saw with mitre box.


This is an essential and could well be a decent battery drill which is very versatile when cords won't reach those out of the way places.

Electric Circular Saw

In some places the mitre saw can't be used and therefore the portable circular saw comes into its own. Most home hanymen would have one.

If you are going to be doing several projects then there are other pices of equipment that will make the jobs quicker, easier and more accurate. Keep in mind that in the old days before the advent of these cheap tools they had very little equipment but produced some stunning results.

Framing gas nail gun

Band saw



Electric Plane

Bench saw

Biscuit Machine

The thing to remember is to say to yourself,"How much use am I going to get out of this piece of equipment?" because you will run out of money long before the shops run out of machinery and tools to purchase.

Have a look at our main page for our Picnic Table Plans.

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