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Hexagonal Picnic Tables

 The new generation of octagonal and hexagonal picnic tables not only look fantastic but they are very practical in the way they can seat so many people. The old traditional A frame picnic table is a little unsociable because you have to sit shoulder to shoulder and it makes it difficult talking to the person right beside you. With the hexagonal picnic table every one is at a different angle making conversing easy and it also makes it easy to reach things on the table.

They are also simple to construct for the home handyman with a minimum number of tools and expertise. All you really need to construct one yourself is a bit of enthusasm, a bit of practical know how in working with wood tools and a good set of picnic table plans.

The hexagonal picnic table is the simplest because every cut on the table is at 60 degrees. The legs are 60 degrees, the main frame is 60 degrees and the top if you so desire can also be 60 degrees.

The tables can vary in size from small for the little patio seating 6 people up to the large ones which can comfortably seat 12.

When looking for plans check out the size to make sure it will suit your circumstances and look at the simplicity of them. Check to see if they will be stable, check to see if there is going to be plenty of leg room underneath, check to see whether you can have provision for an umbrella hole in the middle.

The tools required to construct a hexagonal picnic table are basic however if you can get hold of a compound drop arm mitre saw the project will be that much easier and quicker and more accurate.

The lumber to use, needs to be something that is resistant to weathering and rot in the harsh outside environment. Treated pine is probably most widely used but some people are not keen on the treating process. Others to consider would be Redwood, Douglas fir or Cedar. See what fits in with your existing furniture and decking.

When putting the table top on there are 2 basic ways of doing it. The first and easiest is to simply place the table top boards on the top and saw them off. If however you want to have it looking great you can segment the top into the 6 segments. This does take a little bit of patience and accuracy with getting all the pieces correctly fitting, however the finished job will be well worth it.


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