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Discover how you can proudly build
an Octagonal or Hexagonal picnic table.
and save money...

Learn the secret of how you can easily build
your own spectacular picnic table in just one weekend.

 Proven quality user friendly table design.

 Simple and easy plans to follow. 


From: Philip Griffith

Hello fellow “do it yourself” enthusiast:

Picnic Table Plans

The tantalizing aroma of sizzling steak fills the air. The cloudless summer evening is warm. The ice cold beer slides down effortlessly. Excited laughter echoes around the patio........ The BBQ is under way!

BUT, oh no! Where is everyone going to sit? Where is all the food going to go? People are uncomfortably perched everywhere with plates balanced on their knees.

Do you need more table and seating space at your BBQ’s?

Having the capacity to enable you to seat all of your guests can be an expensive exercise. A big challenge with picnic tables is that you can have a high initial cost and then because they are so big and bulky you have the additional cost of freighting them to your home. Extra large ones are not even legal to transport on the road.

Do you enjoy the unbridled pleasure and satisfaction of completing a

“Do it yourself” project?

My name is Philip Griffith. I have been involved in the woodworking business for over 25 years. One of my interests has been in the design and manufacture of picnic tables. 

After much experimentation with a whole variety of models we now have a range of:

4 stunning, proven, easy to build picnic table plans.

Small hexagonSmall Hexagon

This suburb little table can seat 6 adults very comfortably. The table top measures 47” (1190mm) to the parallel sides. It is very simple to construct because all of the angles on the table are 60 degrees. Even with a minimum of tools it should take no more than a day to build.

Large hexagonLarge Hexagon

This table can seat 12 people very cosily. The table top measures 57” (1450mm) to the parallel sides. It is also very simple to construct because all of the angles on the table are once again 60 degrees.

Small octagonSmall Octagon

This table would make a stunning addition to your patio. It can seat 8 adults very comfortably plus a few kids as well. The table top measures 64” (1625mm) to the parallel sides. All of the angles on the table top and seats are 45 degrees while the angles of the legs are 60 degrees.

Large octagonLarge Octagon

This is the mother of all tables. Very large. It can seat 16 people comfortably. The table top measures a massive 80” (2035mm) across to the parallel sides. Despite its size it is still very simple to construct because there are still only 2 angles on the table, 45 degrees and 60 degrees. You may need some friends to help shift it into position though.

  Check out the feedback that we have had from     people who have used the plans.                  

I am a woman and I made your picnic table all by myself! - from picking up the lumber, bolts and screws, to cutting it all and putting the table together! Your plans are wonderful. I needed a table for my little place at the lake and the last table I had there was taken by someone who need it more than than me. This one, I used brackets and screwed it to the outdoor deck! I have had more compliments on this table than I care to admit. Your plans are wonderful and easy to follow. I know the people next door to me at the lake will be building their own table next summer.  Thanks again for a wonderful and easy plan.

Vivian Fox

Purchased your plans last week for the large hexagon.  I have done very BASIC projects in the past.  This was my first attempt at any project that required angled cuts.  My wife and I are extremely pleased with the results. The table came out nearly perfect.  Picked up a few lessons learned along the way that will help with future tables.  Bottom Line.  Thank you.  The table was perfect and only took about 8 hours of work.

John Saunders


Dear Mr. Philip,

I hope my English is sufficiŽnt to let you know that I took the plan as a guideline to make a a frame picnic table out of used floor beams. So I have to calculate a lot because I like to work with centimeters instead of inches and the beams were a bit chunckier than the wood used in the plan but it all turned out just fine. I now have a table that would last for many years.

Greetings Inek.

It all started at a BBQ at my Father in Law’s place when he lost the steak off his plate which was resting on his lap! He decided right then and there, that there was not enough outdoor seating and eating space at his beach paradise residence when all the family arrived.

Over a couple of beers he suggested some ideas for an 8 sided timber table in the form of an octagon. Together we came up with a sketchy blueprint. Being in the timber industry we soon came up with the lumber. Then we worked on it. We put an experimental one together.... It wasn’t perfect.

BUT, it was innovative! It was brand new! It was unique! It was ingenious! It was simple!

It didn’t seat 8! It seated about 15! It was very cosy for drinks.

It may not have been the first but none of us had ever seen a picnic table like this before.

Nor it seemed, had anybody else! People were amazed. Where did you get it? How can I get one? How much do they cost? Where can I get the plans?

The solution was brilliant. We ended up with tons of seating and table space and it was cheap, stylish, unique, classy and easy to make! And we were being asked for the plans. Trial and error and feedback lead to perfection.

We started producing and selling tables and now we have developed the plans for you to build an ideal picnic table for yourself.

The plans provide:

 A cheap method of acquiring seating - Saves you money
 Clear simple detailed instructions - Quick & easy to build
 A range of 4 unique designs - Suits every need
 Extensive diagrams & pictures - Simplifies construction
 Minimum tools - No further expense
 A “do it yourself” project - Proud accomplishment
 For only 2 sizes of lumber - Keeps it simple
 Backup e mail support - Peace of mind

These plans will ensure that you can be absolutely comfortable with the results of your efforts.

You Save Money!

Everyone would like to get maximum value for their hard earned dollars.

 Using a perfect set of picnic table plans is by far the cheapest method of acquiring the unique table of your dreams.
 By simply organising your time and obtaining the raw materials yourself, you are well on the way to saving yourself a great deal of money.
 The enticing look of beautiful outdoor furniture on your deck is even more satisfying when you know that it has cost you less than half of what you would have paid to purchase it from a shop.
 Saving money on the furniture means that you have more money to put into something else you desire.

You get proven, clear, simple, detailed instructions that makes building easy.

It is extremely important that when you undertake a “do it yourself” project of any kind that the plans are sufficiently detailed and easy to follow so that your completed project will be a masterpiece.

 The clear and simple plan gives you the “know how” to quickly complete the step by step process effortlessly.
 The quality and simplicity of the plans means that your project is going to be completed before summer ends.

This number-one range of unique plans gives you the
picnic table of choice for your patio.

You can now choose from a range of table sizes to suit your own home and circumstances.

 You can choose a plan size to suit your circumstances.
 You can choose the lumber you would like it made in.
 The construction method allows you to have the facility for an umbrella hole in the middle.
 The plan ensures that there is wide open space underneath the table so that your knees are not banging into a network of under table frame work.

The plans are packed with diagrams and colour pictures
so that you can track your progress.

A picture says a thousands words and are a great way of making the construction even simpler.

 You can see each step of the way.
 You can compare the picture with your actual construction.
 Each stage becomes easier.
 Each stage becomes simpler.

Construction of your picnic table requires minimum
tools which means you don’t have to go to the expense
of buying more.

Most home handymen and women have a set of machinery and tools already in their shed and a list of these is included.

 You don’t have to go out and purchase any other tools.
 You could hire some equipment for the weekend if you need to.

You get to build the table yourself which you can
then proudly exhibit.

The time and effort you put into physically building your table will give you special feeling of satisfaction for a long time to come.

 Think how are you going to feel when your friends ask where you got the table?
 Think how are you going to feel when your family pass compliments while sitting at your table?
 Think how will you feel when your neighbor asks you to build him one?
 Think how proud you are going to feel every time you sit down at the table you built yourself?

Your friends and family will be impressed by your master craftsmanship when you do a great job of building the table.

Your table is made even simpler by using only two sizes
of lumber and one size of nails.

 The material component list is very easy and simple.
 Any jigs you set up will be from the same lumber as well.
 The table will be uniformly consistent.

Every step along the way you know you can get
e-mail backup support.

In any major undertaking it is great to know that if something gets tricky you know where to get help.

 You will have a sense of confidence in your ability.
 You know that you can get help at any time.
 You will have peace of mind.

You can e-mail if you ever get stuck on your project.

Cut the price of your picnic table in half!

You can spend many hundreds of dollars on purchasing a new picnic table or you can buy a complete set of incredible plans and only pay half of the cost when you build it yourself.

All that this set of risk- free, proven, how-to, blueprints will cost you, is the amazingly low bargain price of just $19.95!

$19.95 to secure a step by step formula to the outdoor furniture that you will love and be proud of.

But wait! There’s more!

If you purchase any set of picnic table plans at the unreal value of $19.95, right now, you will receive ABSOLUTELY FREE the following exciting bonuses worth more than $50 on their own. This is a strictly limited time offer so you need to act now!

VALUE: $19.95 FREE

Free complete plans and pictures to show you exactly how to make your own Lazy Susan to match your picnic table. This will ensure effortless rotation of food around the table.

VALUE: $16.95 FREE

Free complete plans and pictures to show you how to build a concrete paving pad to put your picnic table on. This means that you won’t have to move the table (if it is on the lawn) every time you want to mow it.

VALUE: $15.95 FREE

Free set of proven, delicious, mouth watering, recipes to cook on your BBQ and eat at your new picnic table with your friends.


“60 day risk free guarantee!”


Yes! Take a full 60 days to examine and use this picnic table plan. That’s right. You have 60 days to put these valuable plans into action.

Test it out. Give us feedback. Once you have built a table I’m confident you’ll be very happy with the results.

However if you are not completely satisfied for any reason whatsoever, or it doesn’t live up to your expectations, you can simply let us know and we will refund your money, right up to the 60th day.

So act now as this bonus offer is only available for a limited number of orders each month– Simply click on the plan of your choice to instantly invest in this really hot deal.

Just $19.95 each
Click Here to Order Now



P.S. Build yourself a beautiful picnic table that will be your pride and joy for less than half the price you could purchase it for, simply and easily.

P.P.S. The value of this outstanding offer including bonuses is an incredible $72.00 .....for an outlay of just $19.95.

P.P.P.S. Remember that the bonus offers are only available for a limited time.

P.P.P.P.S. It is absolutely RISK FREE. If you are not completely satisfied with the detail and simplicity of the plans, then just let us know and we will refund your money entirely.

You need to ACT NOW!

Click Here to Order Now

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